Traditional Photo Booth

What you can expect

With our Traditional Photo Booth you have the option of having either as:

  • Enclosed Photo booth – with curtain around it
  • Open Photo Booth – with or without a backdrop (you could even use that beautiful venue wall)
  • Enclosed with the Inflatable photo booth Shell

  • Groups of up to 12 people can fit inside our closed photo booth
  • Our open photo booth can fit 20 plus!
  • Traditional photo booth always comes with a photo booth attendant, to ensure your event runs smoothly and everyone is having fun!
  • A box of props
  • We have a huge range of costumes if you don’t want props or you want both
  • Choose from a range of backdrops
We have the latest technology and high quality equipment that’s fast and reliable. The photo booth has a built-in 22″ screen, so you can view the photos instantly in the slideshow. Photos print instantly after each session. During your rental you can take as many photo as possible!It doesn’t stop there!  Download our information package to find out more on what you can get when you hire iShoot Photobooth.
Create your own memorable photos!!

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