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Photo Booths at wedding have been around for a while and over the years there have been many phases weddings have gone though. Petting Zoo, dance instructor, chef entertainment and bartenders flaring or themes, such as super heroes, Game of Thrones were all once a hit.

However there is one thing that just does not seem to go out of date, photo booths. There are thousands of weddings every year and so many different photo booths (like our vintage photo booth)! There can be DIY photo booths at weddings to professional. From video and still shot to slow motion and GIF photo booths.


Why you need Photo Booths at Weddings


The most obvious reason is to entertain your guests. It’s one queue that people do not get sick of at weddings! Your guests will have loads of fun going in and out, finding more and more different poses and props. It really does keep them amused and they get to take a memory away with them.

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No Selfies

I do love this reason! Selfies at weddings can be selfish…haha. No really it’s great, you don’t have to try and take that sneaky selfie with bad lighting any-more. Simply walk into the booth alone if you want, but I must warn you there maybe a few photo bombers! Which make it more interesting and fun.

Fun for everyone

Photo booths really are for all ages. However look out kids, the adults may push in front of you!
It really is great to see everyone enjoying the booth together. I particularly love seeing the children and grandparents go in, there are always some great shots and fantastic quality.

Conversation starter

Yes it’s defiantly away to mingle with others. I remember going to a wedding recently and sitting at a table where none of us knew each other. We all decided to go into the booth and before you knew it we were dancing and laughing and back into the booth. Creating photos to help us remember the next day…

Guest Book

A photo booth guest book are loads more fun then the ordinary old school wedding keys. The best part about having a guest book is having your friendly photo booth attendant reminding all guest to write a special little message in the album book! You’ll be surprised how many guest don’t want to write a message, simply because they don’t know what to say. With the help from your photo booth attendant it makes it easier for your guests to write a little something to the bride and groom. Or they can simply write a message on a chalk board and tell their message in the photo, brilliant idea!

Share with Others

I often find guests wanting an instant digital copy of the photos on their phone. Trying to take that awkward photo of the photo on your phone and normally it turns out nowhere near as good as the original. Not to mention it’s actually illegal because they are copyrighted. Well with our media station this is no longer the case. Images are sent instantly to the media station and then you can simply choose to either instantly upload them to Facebook, Twitter or email them and use it for Instagram!

Thank you gift

Not only is it entertaining but it’s also a great small gift your guests can take home. High quality photo booth images for you to enjoy, plus if you get the photo booth frames as and extra they look great on the table with your guests name!

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