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GIF Booth for Weddings, Parties and Events

Okay firstly what the heck is a GIF?

A GIF (Graphics Interchange Format, for all those wondering) is a series of images that are played one after the other. Basically they are a digital images, put together to make an animation.

We now have a different option to the traditional photo booth. Adding something more fun and entertaining to our options! With our GIF photo booth there are a few different GIF options.

Boomerang GIF (AKA Burst GIF)

A Boomerang or Burst is very similar to a video except it takes multiple photos in a short time of 3-4 seconds. Creating what appears to look like a short video that is played forward, in reverse and on repeat.

This is definitely the option you would want if you want to use the confetti!

Regular GIF

Regular GIFs take 3-4 photos, where you have time to plan your pose for each photo. Once the photos are taken our software will combine the photos and create an exciting stop animation!

Green Screen GIF

Ah yes the good old green screen effect. Feel like you are somewhere else when you’re actually not. Add your brand name or let your guests have the option of choosing the backdrop with our GIF Photo Booth. If you think this is old school, then take it to a whole other level…read below!

Animated Background GIF

Take the green screen to a whole dimension by animating the backgrounds to create fun GIFs or Boomerangs.

Digital or Prints?

Now you can make a choice on what you would like for your event. Do you want our Traditional Photo Booth (prints) or our GIF (digital) Photo Booth, or Both!

We have done loads of events (although our GIF Booth is still quite new), you can checkout our social media pages to get more GIF ideas on Facebook or Instagram.


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