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When it comes to backdrops there are so many different designs (we can talk about my favourites another time), however today I want to talk about our amazing modern mermaid sequin backdrops. Ah yes the beautiful sparkling look, made with sequins that sparkle like no other! Something some of us cannot go past. Any photo booth backdrops that have a nice shine to it diffidently have me starring and smiling!

Okay so what is so good about this particular photo booth backdrop? Well let me tell you this is no ordinary sequin backdrop, they are mermaid sequin backdrops…


What makes Mermaid Sequin Backdrops Amazeballs?

Mermaid sequin backdrops are made from sequins, which have a different colours or finish on each side. The double-sided sequins can be flipped either up or down, showing one of the colours.

Lets get Creative with mermaid sequin backdrops!!

Easily create any message or draw on the photo booth backdrop, with the touch of your finger. We love the classic love heart for weddings and engagements or for the “special age” birthday party we can write your young age on the backdrop. Or perhaps you could write your baby announcement!! Now that would be amazeballs!

When using any mermaid sequin backdrops the lighting needs to be correct as they do tend to reflect some harsh light, but if done well, everyone loves sequin photo booth backdrops.

If you want to bring something unique and fun to your special occasion, then this might just be it! If you have or know of a wedding, engagement party or birthdays coming up; then this might be a nice touch.

Be sure to keep an eye out for photos in our booth using the mermaid sequin backdrop on our Instagram page!


What to know more? Then check out our full range of backdrops here.

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