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There is no doubt about it, photo booth’s at weddings are a must have. Couples love the idea of guests being able to entertain themselves, while they are busy getting their photos done. Or slowly making conversation with each and every guest at their wedding. This can definitely take time especially when you have 70 plus guests. To ensure their guests are not bored or forgotten we are now seeing couples hire the photo booth at the ceremony and reception.

The guests love the entertainment and the couples love that they can see what they were up to after the wedding.

To keep it interesting the photo booth at the ceremony and reception needs to be slightly different (in my option). So how can we do this? Well, here’s my suggestion on what photo booth’s to choose for the ceremony and reception.


Having a photo booth at the Ceremony and Reception


There are so many options these days with photo booths, so here’s what I suggest…

For the Ceremony:
GIF Photo Booth

When you have a photo booth at the ceremony I suggest you go with something portable! GIF Photo booths are generally just that. Ask your photo booth company to set it up and do GIFs and Boomerangs!

I know how important it is to entertain your guests, but I also know that it’s great to be able to move around. Whether it’s to move in a more convenient location for your guests or to get out of the way of the professional photographer.

From my experience I also find that this is the best time to get the elderly (sorry I should say the “young”) in the photo booth. While they are up and moving, we can quickly get them in on the action before the end of the night.

As a photo booth attendant I always watch to see who hasn’t been in the photo booth at the reception, so I can get at least one photo of them in the album for the couple. Sometimes it’s just impossible! So the GIF Photo Booth at the ceremony is a great idea.

The Reception:
“A Normal Photo Booth”

When I say “normal Photo Booth” I am referring to one that does prints. It doesn’t matter if it’s an enclosed photo booth, an open photo booth or and inflatable photo booth. It must do prints! The best part about having a photo booth at the wedding is being able to give your guests a memory that they can take home after the wedding.

Generally your normal photo booth’s use a DSLR Camera, so the quality is a lot better than your GIF photo booth. The prints will also look great in the photo booth book.

The second best part is, you get to keep an album of photos and messages everyone has written straight after the event. The day after your wedding is normally the second best day; because you are more relaxed, drinking with friends and family and going through the memories of your wedding night. Exchanging stories and finding out what really happened in the photo booth when you weren’t around will be one of the best moments.

So what are you waiting for!

The images above were from a recenty wedding. The amazing team who helped this special day for this couple are:

Location: Ceremony at Hidden Grove Noosa Heads

Photographer: Rebecca Colefax – See more amazing images and read more about the day on Rebecca’s Blog here

Bridal gown: Custom Design by Suzanne Harward 

Event Specialists: Splash Events

Hair: Evelyn Parsons

Celebrant: Jay Flood

Florist: Mondo Floral Designs

Invitations: Sunshine & Confetti

Flower Girl Dress: Tea Princess Australia

Acoustic Entertainment: Dan Horne from Love Note Music

Reception: Bistro C

iShoot Photobooth: iShoot Photobooth


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