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Here we have our photo booth at Maleny Manor. One of our favourite premium wedding venues, situated in Sunshine Coast’s Hinterland. If you are having your wedding at Maleny Manor or considering and want to see how we look at the venue, then you have come to the right place.

The staff at the Manor are beyond amazeballs! With great service you will want to ensure that your photo booth at Maleny Manor reflects their great service and also fits-in with the venue. Lucky for you we love working at Maleny Manor and will make your wedding stress free.

Take a look at the images below to get a better idea on how it will look on your special day.

Vintage Photo Booth at Maleny Manor

This is our usual spot at the Manor. It works well but we are not limited to being here.

We are setup in the entryway, with plenty of room to still move about and get in and out. Our booth fits so well here and the best part is no one really sees us setup! Usually we sneak in while you and your guests are more than likely in the pavillion or plateau, taking in that stunning view and getting Married!

Keeping the style consistant is important, that’s why we love to use the Manor’s marble table. It’s perfect for your guests to use when signing your album book.

There have been so many magical moments with our photo booth at Maleny Manor!

Booth Setup in the Middle

This is a great spot if you want all the guests to be seen and heard! Perfect for cocktail events and garden parties which are outside.

Maleny Manor Photo Booth Setup

Photo Booth Setup at the front Corner

This is a great spot for cocktail wedding and small weddings and wow just look at that view through the window! 

Maleny Manor Photo Booth Setup

GIF Photo Booth Setup

If you are after our GIF Photo Booth, then this little guy has a few more options where you can have it. Purely because it doesn’t need power. How fab does it look in the pavillion. Once the ceremony was over, hey presto we we had this snapping in no time.

Professional Images Provided by Luke Middlemiss Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer.

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