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Top 10 Romantic Moments Caught in the Booth

 It doesn’t matter if it’s an enclosed photo booth or open, there is always romance in the photo booth and a little smooching going on. It’s beautiful to see guests creating that memory so they can save it, share the love and even keep it in their wallet or on their desk.

 When you are around your friends and family there is no need to be shy, plus it’s such a wonderful thing that makes us all feel the love. Love is all around so share it, enjoy the moment and cherish it. 

Here are some of our favourite romance in the photo booth moments.

The Cheeky Hidden Kiss

It’s a classic move that we love! The cheeky hidden kiss, just use a prop!

The Dip Kiss

If someone dips you I bet your leg pops! Just like in the movies! 

The Fun “Just Married” Kiss

You’ve already had that first romantic kiss at the ceremony, don’t forget to get the fun one in the photo booth!

The Adorable Fun Couple Pose

Don’t forget to do those cute couple poses in the booth, this is all apart of the romance and fun in the photo booth.

Between Love

Sometimes you just get stuck between love, so make it fun! There is also a cheeky Lizard Kiss going on, on the right-hand side there!laughing

The Bromance Kiss

Bromance is a real thing! The boys love being the romatics and cuties the booth!

The “I Love You” Kiss

True lovers last!

We are Lovers Pose

Why not make use of using our props to tell us that you are lovers, just like Hannah and Tayor here.

The Greese Lighting Kiss

How cute is this photo of Emm and Kane! 

The Almost Kiss

We need to see your lips touch to make a romantic photo! You can feel the love everytime you look at this photograph!

I hope this have given you some inspiration on what romantic pose you can do in the photo booth. There are sooooo many more that we could have listed! Just make sure you follow us on instagram, where you might fine a few more.

If you would like to more information about our photo booth hire then download our information package, just click the button below!

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