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Here’s our guide on How to Pose without Props

Posing without props can be a little tricky, but props become a little too repetitive at times & you start to see everyone using the same props through out the event. Over the years the photos become out-dated and you many not want to have that photo booth photo framed on your wall.

To be quite honest we believe the less props the better. It takes the experience to a whole new level and you and your guests get really creative! 

Since covid-19 has forced us to cut our photo booth props, I thought now would be a perfect time to do that blog and show you how I strike a pose in the photo booth. Next time I’ll do another blog with a few more people 🙂

The First collection…

 Okay so here are a series of photos to help inspire you and feel free to use these poses too!

The Pout – You know how to do it! Push your lips out and down. 

Looking back – Classic!

Hairy Maclary Strikes Again – Hey it’s your hair… well if you have long hair why not use it as a prop! As you can see below I get really creative.

Guide: How to pose without Props

Scream and Shout!

 Mid-air Hair –  One of my faves in this collection! It’s so much fun and it can be really hard to get that timing right and not look really ridiculous! My tip here is to keep flicking that hair while you keep on smiling or laughing! But feel free to do another facial expression.

Exaggerated Expressions – I love this one and I always give it my all! This one is super easy, just think of and expression then make that expression super big!! Here I’ll remind you of a few:

Happiness – It’s not a photo shoot, it’s a photo booth. Show us your cheeky or geeky smile!
Sadness – Okay we’re not really sad, so cry like a baby!
Anger – Throw your hand in the air and stomp your feet!
Surprise – Did you just poop your pants?
Disgust – Yep I think you did poop your pants!
Fear – Put your hands on your face and bit those fingers!
Confusion – Ah what?
Excitement – …ah yep this is me in every photo haha
Desire – Okay now it’s time to put on that model face, show us sexy!
Love – Make a hear with your hand – classic!

How to Pose without Props

Cake it or Do-nut do it

Lastly I’m going to leave you with a few of my favourite cake moments!

Surely there must be cake at the party!! These photos are just for you and that cake!! Show others what they are missing out on and how amazing that cake or donut is!

Sky Blue Backdrop
Sky Blue Backdrop
Sky Blue Backdrop

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