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Fun Photos in the Booth

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What you can expect with our Photos in the Booth

In our booth you can expect to see extremely happy guests. If they are posing with a serious face, well that is just a disguise! We are the entertainment for your event and we can help you create an atmosphere that will tie-in with your theme.

We do a number of events from weddings and birthdays to corporate or just social events. Our most common setup is our vintage photo booth and 90% of our work is done all over Sunshine Coast. However we have done events at far north as Mackay to NSW.

As you can see in our photos, our customer sometimes want us to travel. This is because they know they will receive the best service and of coursers they love our style. To help you create your fun photos in the booth, we are here to help you and happy to assist you with any wild idea you may have.

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See you soon at your next special event!

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