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Believe it or not, styling your photo booth to match your event can be done! Isn’t it nice when your wedding or function is perfectly styled and all the different suppliers are matching with one another.

Well there is no reason why you can’t style your photo booth to match all the other wedding suppliers. It’s a nice touch to have your photo booth compliment your theme with the other suppliers and venue. You put so much effort into styling your wedding, birthday or any other special event, so why not have a go at styling your photo booth (or leave it to the professionals).

Styling your photo booth can be done in a number of ways.


Styling your Photo Booth? Who can help?


The Photo Booth Company

One of the most useful groups of people who can help you is the photo booth company you choose. However before you go into the nitty gritty of what you want from them, I would checkout what the photo booth looks like and what backdrops they offer. With most open photo booths you don’t have to choose from their backdrop collection (here’s our collection), however if they have exactly what you’re after this will help you keep costs down. There are so many different photo booth styles and designs to suit everyone.

When it come to styling your photo booth we have a tonne of ideas at Sunshine Coast Vintage Photo booths, however not every photo booth company is great at styling or visualising, so you many need someone else to help.


Your Wedding Stylist / Wedding Planner

A wedding stylist is another great option. We know some great stylist right here in Sunshine Coast and there are sooooo many you can choose from to suit you! However two that come to mind are Simply Style Co. and the Boho Sisters. Their styling suits our vintage/ boho style photo booth and it doesn’t stop there.

At Simply Style Co. they have a great collection you can hire and mix and match. I have personally met the lovely Chelsea from Simply Style Co. and was lucky enough to see her products first hand. I absolutely love her White diamond Geo backdrop!

If you are looking for a more bohemian style (perhaps you want your photo booth in a Tipi), then I suggest you also check out the Boho Sisters. Either way I don’t think you could go wrong.
Both styling companies have different and unique items so you have the option to find what you are really after. If there is something else that you are trying to achieve, don’t be affraid to ask us we know heaps more stylist.


DIY Styling

If you want to have a go at styling yourself then there are so many ways that can help you get started. Pinterest is great for this kind of thing. Check out this board we created by our sister site “Sunshine Coast Vintage Photo Booths”. I would also have a look on instagram, youtube and any other wedding stylist blogs. If you know exactly what you want then I suggest you create a Pinterest board and show your photo booth company or stylist and they can help you source all the things you need to style your photo booth.


Styling your photo booth… one last step!

There is one last thing in order to ensure your photo booth styling ties in with your wedding or event, and that is your photostrips design. Most photo booth companies will offer this, if they don’t then I would be concerned.

I would leave the technical part to your photo booth company, but we generally need your help.

With our customers we suggest they send us a copy of their invitations, then we match it with the photo’s template. As a little extra something we will also match our photo booth’s touch screen.

This is such a nice touch and just to remind your guests that you are keeping the same styling as your invitations, you can also use the same design for place cards, menus and your table seating sign. This is exactly what we have done in the images below.


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