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Photobooth FAQ

How much space is required?

Open Booth – Depending on what backdrop, but normally no more than 2.5m wide (against a wall is best). Then the photo booth will sit 1 to 1.5m in front of the backdrop in the centre. The booth is also 2.4m high.
Enclosed Booth – We can fit so many people in we need a 2.5 x 2.5 metre area.
Inflatable booth – requires 3m x 2.5m plus we must have 2.5m high ceiling minimum.

What are the power requirements?

Open or Closed Booth – 1 x 10 AMP power socket. Uses 1050 Watts
Inflatable with GIF Booth – 2 x 10 AMP power socket. Uses 800 Watts.
Inflatable with Traditional Booth – 2 x 10 AMP power socket. Uses 1200 Watts.

We do supply a 10m extension lead. All our electronic equipments is tested and tagged.

Can I have the photo booth up stairs?

Yes, as long as we have access to a lift or ramp. If there is no ramp or lift please let us know, as their may be additional charges. 

Why do we need a photo booth attendant?

To ensure guest receive the best possible experience our photo booth attendant will be there to setup and pack-down, ensure equipment is running correctly and images are at the best quality. They also explain to guests how the booth works, organise the photo album and encourage guest to write messages and they even can even give guests some fun tips. If you really don’t want one then that’s no worries! Read more about why have a photo booth attendant here.

Do I need to provide a meal for the attendant?

For jobs over 4 hours – yes please. Simply because your friendly attendant will arrive an hour before the event and wont leave until after they pack down, plus they normally travel for 1 hour. Totalling their shift to 7 hours or more.

Lucky for you our staff aren’t fussy and we don’t have any dietary requirements. 

Most venues are happy to provide a crew meal at a much lower cost than the meal packages for your guests. This also helps to ensure they remain happy and alert, you don’t want to see then when they are hangry! (This is mainly tailored to formal events, if its home event, finger food is totally fine).

Do we have to have our photos printed in strips?

No way. Not only can we do a 2×6″ photo strips, we can also do a 4×6″ photo. We can set this up when you making your booking.

How may prints do I get?

If you choose to have photo strips then it will automatically print 2 copies of the photo strip (2×6″). Normally one for the Album and one for a guests. If you choose a postcard template (4×6″) print, then you will only receive one copy unless you choose to purchase extra copies.

When will we receive our prints?

 Instantly! Yes after each session in the photo booth the photos will print straight away. Of course that’s provide you have chosen the vintage photo booth or traditional booth. The GIF booth doesn’t do prints but you will receive them via SMS or email! How amazing is that!

What time do you suggest we run the booth?

We love to do it for hours!! Seriously though for a full photo booth experience we recommend a five hour photo booth package from 5.30pm-10.30pm. This seems to be the most popular time and it works well. If you are still unsure, contact us today!

When will the photo booth arrive?

We arrive thirty minuets to an hour before hire time and generally leave once hire time has finished. However you can also purchase idle time. Idle time is the waiting time/paused time before, after or during the event.

Can the Booth be used Outdoors?

Sure! We just need to be setup under sheltered and protected form the wind, sun, rain, dew and dust. A marquee, veranda or patio will do the trick. Flat ground is best. 

Can we purchase extra time on the night?

This depends if your photo booth attendant is available to stay longer. Some of our staff have to organise baby sitters, so they may not be able to stay. It’s best to book prior to your event. For extra time on the night it’s $150 per hour.

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