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3 Tips to Find the Perfect Photo Booth Company

There are so many photo booth companies these days that sometimes it’s hard to tell how they really differ from one another. That’s why I have put together 3 tips to find the perfect photo booth company for you.

1. Research

For some people it goes without saying, do your research. I’m sure you wouldn’t buy a car without doing research, so do some research to find the perfect photo booth company too. You may have been in a photo booth, but not know what’s involved when finding and hiring the perfect photo booth for you. As you start to do some research you will quickly realise the main questions you need to ask yourself are:

What photo booth style am I after?

How long do I want the hire to run for?

What extras are important to me?

Photo Booth Style

The style of the booth is one of the most important questions. In order to pick the right one for you, you need to think about the venue and how much space is available. Do you want it to be completely private or open and inviting to other guests? How many guests will fit in the photo and what features the photo booth can do?

If you want to read more about the three main photo booth types then I suggest you take a look at our blog “How to Choose the Right Photo Booth Style”.

TIP: To help you find a style and get more of a feel for the company, I strongly suggets you check out their Instagram and Facebook!

Hire Time

We’re often asked how long should I run my hire for? To be completely honest it really does depend on the event. However for weddings we normally recommend 4-5 hours. If you have a tight budget then ask the photo booth company if they do idle time. Idle time is perfect if you want them to setup early. It’s basically the waiting time/paused time before, after or during the event. Idle time can be half the cost of a hour of usage. That way you if you choose to hire the booth for 4 hours + 1 hour idle time you will still have the photo booth for 5 hours, the difference being the 1 hour idle time will be paused.


When it comes to extras there are so many different things each photo booth company offers. You will need to work out what is most important to you and if they offer it. This is where your research will help!

3 Tips to Find the Perfect Photo Booth

 2. Ask Questions to find the perfect Photo Booth

There will be a tone of information that won’t be on a photo booth company’s website, but don’t be afraid to ask them! If you want a real insight on the company then here are some great things you should get onto:

Enquire about the Equipment 

You may not realise how important this can be. For Example:
Do they use a DSLR Camera (high quality), iPad (average quality) or webcam (extremely poor quality)?
Are they using an external Flash?
In my personal opinion the flash is really important if you want sharp quality photos (especially for weddings). Still lights or AKA Strobe lights and ring lights are great for the iPad, but not so great for DSLR Cameras’ if people and being silly and jumping around; and lets face it that’s what photo booths are all about.

FYI  – We use in our traditional and vintage photo booths a professional standard Canon DSLR cameras, a Flash plus a Dye Sublimation Printers (AKA Professional printers). Our GIF Booth has a ring light (aka beauty light) and an iPad Pro.

If you are still unsure then…

Ask to see examples of photo’s, for photo booth style


Ask about the Extras

Extras allow you to customise your photo booth hire needs. Most companies will have list what is included in the package. You should know what they are because you have done your research. However you may need to ask for additional information. For example what types of backdrops can I choose from, what does the album book look like, can I customise the photo’s template with my theme or do I just choose from a collection.

TIP: If the company you are looking to hire seems perfect but you desperately want a particular feature that they have not mentioned, then please just ask them. They may surprise you!

If you simply ask a few simple questions then this will help ensure you have chosen the right company. Your mind to feel at peace and it’ll be a stress free event.

3 Tips to Find the Perfect Photo Booth

3. Find a Photo Booth and Book

Now that you know what you want and have found some answers. It’s now time to book the perfect photo booth company for you. If there is no other photo booth company around then you will want to make sure you book well in advanced. They will normally take a deposit and the remaining won’t be due until closer to the event date.

If you can find a local business this not only supports the locals in your area, but may also save you some dollars. Plus most importantly you will find that most of the local photo booths have worked all over your area! That way they know what to expect when they arrive at the venue. If you have hired other local companies for the event, then they are more than likely to know these other local business. It’s great when we do know each other, because we normally get along (we get along with everyone!!) and know what to expect. Super important bonus that ensure your event runs smoothly.

Final Advice to help you find the perfect Photo Booth

Next time you are looking for a photo booth my advice is to not choose a photo booth purely base on price. You want to make sure you know exactly what you are getting so you don’t get a big shock and be disappointed. I’m a strong believer in the saying “you get what you pay for”, but you should still always follow these 3 tips to find the perfect photo booth company for you!

Do you have a question for us and want to see our photo booth packages? Then click below to contact us today. Write us a message and you can instantly receive our information package via email.

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