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“You’ve booked your hire and on our questionnaire we ask you if you would like to write a caption. Well what do you write on your photo strip?! Okay so typically if you are getting married most couples will have “Mr & Mrs” or the couple’s names, followed by the date. If it’s a birthday then you may have something along the lines of “Happy 21st Birthday”. Well may be you don’t want to be like everyone else and you want to be different!

Well great news is I’ve put together some fun captions for a little bit of inspiration, but feel free to use these.

What to write on your Photo Strip

For Couples in Love

Let these captions serve as an introduction to your life’s greatest day of your life! These beautiful moments will be waiting for you to post them on the gram (don’t forget to checkout our Instagram)! It doesn’t matter if you do it instantly, the next day or in 10 years time!! There will always be a spots on your feed waiting to be filled (oh and don’t forget to tag us in them too!). They maybe cheesy, but hey after all it is a wedding and weddings + cheese and wine goes perfectly!.

“I haven’t stopped smiling since I laid my eyes on you!”

“All you need is Love”

“To the moon and Back!”

“Til’ Death”

“A trip down Memory Lane”

“We were cute then, and we’re cute now”

“The start of our happily ever after”

“We’re still just as cute as ever!”

“It’s hard to forget great memories with your favourite person”

“And so it begins”

“Forever and Always”

“Don’t ever change. Love from us!”

“The best night!”

“Little moments become big memories”

“The start of a new adventure”

“[___] years down, forever to go”

“Happy to be stuck with you”

“Crazy in Love”

“It’s all good baby”

“Dream come true”

“Drunk in Love”


“Wedding in the Grass”


 For the Boss Babes

There are so many empowering women these days having amazing fun events, that we simply don’t want just a business logo on the photo strips. We want something inspiring, motivating and fabulous! So here’s what we have come up with…

“You are Fucking Beautiful”

“More hangouts with my best friend, please.”


“Believe in your Brand”

“Girls just wanna have fun”

“What’s coming is better than what’s gone.”

“We did it for the ‘gram.”

“It’s not easy being this cute and cheesy.”

“Smiling hasn’t gone out of fashion”

“Just make that shit happen”

“Do what you Love”

“success is Sexy”

We did it for the gram - Photo Strip

Social Events

Birthday Parties, engagement parties, divorce parties (yes this is a thing) whatever it might be here are some suggestions for your photo’s template…

“Time flies when you’re having fun, right?”

“Good things happen, this is proof”

 “We loved those warmer days”

“Good things happen. This is proof.”

“Our lives are too rad.”

“Stay Wild”

“Good Vibes”

“Lets Party”

“Say Cheese!”

“What happens in the booth, stays in the booth”

“Say Whiskey”

“Shut up and kiss me”

Throwback Captions

Oh these are just perfect for when you are going through old photos, whether it be on your camera roll or physically.

“Here for all the throwback pics.”

“We’re still just as cute as ever.”

“Relive this moment over and over again”

“Revisit the past, but the future is what’s most exciting”

“The moment I started smiling, and I haven’t stopped since.”

“Let’s go back to this moment and live it forever”

“Thanks for making quarantine suck a little less!”


Photo strip words idea


“Raise the Bar a little Higher”

“You have to Believe in it”

“Be a touch act to follow”

“You’re Killing it!”

“The Future is yours to create”

“Be addicted to Bettering yourself”

“Working for the Weekend”
“Focus on your Goals”


There you have it! I hope this helps. If you have some other great words to write on a photo strip, then please send us your comment either below or on our instagram page!

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