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The silly season is just around the corner and Christmas time is on it’s way. Although I’m one who whinges about Christmas stock being sold 3 months before Christmas (but secretly I do love Christmas and it gets me excited!). I actually totally understand why we are reminded. Yes we do need reminding and we will still forget and yes we will whinge again when we miss out! Oh and I do love a Christmas Party with a photo booth!

So I would love to reminded everyone. Iff you want to have a fun Christmas Party with a photo booth this year, then book now before it’s too late! Otherwise you could start organising your own DIY Photo booth for Christmas and we can help you here. Which brings me to the fun part! I’m going to tell you how you can make the most of your Photo Booth this Christmas!

How we Celebrate a Christmas Party with a Photo Booth


It’s the festive season so you want everyone to know and get into the festive spirit. Decorate the the booth with tinsel, the photo booth table or box (where the photo booth props will be) and hey presto you got yourself a Christmas Party with a photo booth!  You may even be able to add this as an extra, just check with your photo booth company.

A great way to really set the scene is to have a Christmas backdrop! Ask your photo booth hire operator if they have a collection that you can choose from or if they could decorate one to make it more festive. The other option is to see if they can provide you with a green screen backdrop. That way your options are endless because you can use choose from a range of digital images and use them as your backdrop. Just check with the photo booth company if they have the green screen option.


Christmas Props

Most modern photo booth companies have two options when it comes to photo booth props.

Firstly you can choose from the classic photo booth props. Your photo booth operator will supply you with a range of Christmas props. There will be reindeer ears, elf and Santa hats, tinsel, Christmas glasses and props on sticks and signs. You could also bring your own Christmas props or buy them from the cheap shops if you are doing a DIY Christmas Photo Booth.

The second option is to choose digital props! If you know what snapchat is then you should know what digital props are. Yes they are digital overlays that stick to your face, without you having to actually put them on. This is also an environmentally friendly option and loads of fun! To learn more about digital props see our GIF Photo Booth Effects Blog here.

Whatever option you choose, the props will get you into the spirit of Christmas. The will certainly add the fun in your photos for your Christmas Party and everyone will have a ball playing with them.


Photostrip Template Design/ Logo

If you going to go all out, then you might as well theme your photostrip’s template with something Christmassy. It doesn’t have to be a busy pattern. You could go with something simple like adding a Christmas message and the date. That way you can put the photostrip on the wall at work and know when it was taken. You could even jazz-up the work logo, by putting a Christmas hat on it or something like that. Talk to your photo booth operator what might work best for you and what will go with the backdrop you choose. They should also be able to help you create the template.


Make your Touch screen Christmassy

To keep the theme going you could also ask your photo booth company if they could make the touch screen in the photo booth a Christmas theme as well. At iShoot Photobooth we automatically do this with every event we do. We will match the touch screen to your photo’s template.

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