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GIF Photo Booth Effects

Now that you know what a GIF Booth is (if you don’t then I suggest that you read this blog). I’m going to take it another step further and blow your minds with GIF Photo Booth Effects! There is so much more you can do with a GIF photo booths and there are some really cool GIF Photo Booth Effects.

Now just so we are clear these effects I’m about to show and tell you, don’t just apply to GIF Booths. Depending on what the photo booth company offers it can also be applied to your traditional booths and other photo booth setups. With most photo booth hires, special effects are an extras that guests love to have! They offer the effects on top of your normal photo booth package, wether it be for a GIF booth or a traditional photo booth.


Digital Props

Like Snapchat filters we also have an advanced live face-tracking software. You are able to see your chosen digital props from our collection, then have them placed in real time. Our digital props add that extra fun factor to your event. In the example below the guests are both wearing a digital mask, so no need to share props! Heaps more environmentally friendly, because we are not throwing away broken props all the time. More hygienic and you don’t have to mess your hair up!


Yes you can still add the old traditional filters from black and white to sepia, to more modern filter like Mayfair and Lo-Fi. 

You can allow your guests to choose their own filters or we can set the GIF photo booth effects to have the one filter applied to ever photo that is taken. Don’t worry also also backup the original photos as well. The filters will create a unique look and feel at your event.

Animated Backgrounds

Take green screen to a whole new level by animating the backgrounds to create fun GIFs or boomerangs

 Animated GIF Overlays

Okay so these are soooo my favourite photo booth thing at the moment! There are so many different types of overlays we can do!! From fun party overlays to corporate branding. See for yourself!

If you want to add extra fun to your photo booth hire, then contact us today! We love designing new GIF Photo Booth Effects.

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