Template Designs

 Design Your Own

Download the templates to design your own.

Otherwise you can completely design your own. Photo strips they need to be 1200 x 3600 pixels. Postcard photos need to be 2400 x 3600 pixels. You will need to send two copies. One with the grey frames and one with the background and text only. These specs are for the Traditional booth and Vintage booth settings only.


GIF Photo Booth Templates

See Template designs for the example. Click on the text to download and right click to save the png file.

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose a template with more than one image on the frame, then you must also choose another template with just one photo on the frame. One frame is needed for the GIF images and Boomerangs.


One more Step

Once you have designed the template, please email us the photoshop or png file.

That’s it! Please email us your information.

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