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Marketing Solution for Corporate Activations and Events

There are so many options that you can include in your photo booth hire and it can get a little confusing. In this blog I will point out one simple marketing solution for corporate activations and events.

This is a no brainer and a must have! I think it is so important to included our custom email option with your photo booth hire.

Okay so what the bloody hell is it? So let’s say a group of guests just finished their session in the photo booth. The next thing that happens is it either prints (YES we can do both) and/or gives guests the option to send the photo via email and/or SMS.

What we are focusing on is our email option. This allows guests to not only receive their image instantly, but also give you the chance to tell them about your new product, give them an offer or direct them to your website. There are an number of different things you could include in this email. 


Marketing Solution for Corporate Activations and Events

We’re here to help you and your business!

This marketing solution for corporate activations and events is a great way to maximise exposure for your business. Build a bigger client base and tell them exactly what you have to offer.

We all know how often customer’s don’t even read emails that your marketing team have sent out. However they will be expecting to see the digital copy of their photo/s or boomerang, so they will open the email.

They may even want to share the photo, which is great!! We can add a watermark of your logo on each image to ensure everyone knows this fun photo was thanks to “your business”. Hey while we are at it lets ask them to also hashtag your business name and tag your business. Perhaps you could even give them an offer to encourage them.

It’s fun for the guests and we can guarantee once they are in the booth, there will be smiles all around!

If you have any questions or crazy ideas, get in contact with us today. We would love to help you.

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